Manage your shared resources in Slack.

Yoink keeps track of which shared resources are in use and which ones aren't.
Think of it as a hosted mutex platform in Slack.
Keep track of your:
Shared Wiki Pages
Single-License Software
Staging Environment
Shared Online Accounts
Company Twitter Account
Development Environment
Facebook Page
Office Pets
Shared Documents
Office Music System
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How do I use Yoink?

Invite Yoinkbot to a public channel. (Optional)

Yoinkbot will announce any changes to the status of your shared resources.

/invite @yoinkbot

Let your team know you're using a resource by yoinking it.
The parameters in square brackets [ ] are optional.

/yoink resource_name [message] [expiry]
/yoink office-music-player "DJ-ing some tunes" 1h

If Yoinkbot has never seen a resource you're trying to lock, it will ask you to add it to a list of recognized resources.

You can also add resources by DM-ing Yoinkbot.

In a DM: resources add resource_name
resources add snoopy-the-office-dog

The same can be done for deleting resources.

In a DM: resources delete resource_name
resources delete 3d-printer

Yoinkbot can provide a list of your team's registered resources.

In a DM: resources list
> office-music-player (locked by: @dj-jazzy-jeff)

When you're finished with a resource, release it so your teammates can use it.

/release resource_name
/release development_server

An 'Alert me when freed' button will pop up anytime a resource is already locked when you try to yoink it.

Click this button to get a DM from Yoinkbot when it is freed up.

Button: Alert me when freed

Ready to get started?

Yoink is free to use for the first 14 days.
If you would like to continue to use Yoink, please contact us for a license at US$49/mo.
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